October 26 - 28, 2016
The Marker San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Vineet Guliani

Head, Shared Services, Planning & Operational Support

11:30 CASE STUDY: How D H Ltd. Set Up Global Delivery & Shared Services Capabilities

Over the last few years, D H has been on a high growth trajectory, transforming itself from the Canadian market leading check printing company to a global financial technology provider. D H has acquired many companies in this journey and has a broad portfolio of products and services. This resulted in a growing need for the company to have 2 key capabilities: Global Delivery and Shared Services. In this session, hear how Vineet Guliani went from setting up global delivery capabilities to heading the planning & operational support group for the newly setup shared services organization. This involved supporting strategy definition, setting up governance structure, establishing a portfolio management office, managing relationships with shared services clients and vendors, setting up service level administration, putting the right technology solutions in place, hiring of staff, and driving adoption in the organization through service delivery excellence. Vineet will discuss how D H chose to:

·· Design its shared services organization functionally and geographically
·· Perform portfolio integration and governance
·· Determine what execution approach works in the organizational context
·· Drive performance to deliver value beyond labor arbitrage
·· Establish the right culture for a high performance team

12:15 PANEL: Build a Robust Change Management Strategy to Effectively Communicate the Business Value of Shared Services and Drive Adoption

Common sense tells us that no business survives over the long term if it can’t reinvent itself. However, human nature being what it is, fundamental change is often resisted mightily even by those who stand to benefit from it the most.
Considering shared services has the potential to drastically alter the both the culture and day-to-day operations of any given function, intense resistance to change is almost always to be expected. Therefore, this session offers:
·· An in-depth understanding of how to beat change resistance and overcome the anger, anxiety and confusion that often accompanies change
·· The tools necessary to cultivate change agents to manage the overall day to day change process and build a guiding coalition that ensures change process remains aligned with the organizational goals

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Vineet.

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